Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallo- weenie :/

It was a pretty un-eventful halloween... I had fun, not sure that the girls did entirely. The ones that came back from pass weren't very happy to be back at SPA, they wanted to be with their families, which I understand. The ones that were already here were upset because there wasn't anything fun going on for halloween (shame on you SPA). We tried to make it more exciting and rented a scary movie on On-Demand, Nightmare on Elm Street. Not my first choice, but it wasn't horrible. There were 7 of us squished into our tiny living room. It was good family time. I wish we could've made the holiday more fun for them, but I'm new at this, trying to make eight very different teenagers all happy at the same time, thing...

Tomorrow, it's back to the normal routine.

Now we just have about 3lbs of candy left that needs to be out of my house.

Oh, and I'm one game away from winning the football pool at work. GO COLTS! I don't really like football, but I do like 105 dollars! My hubby is jealous that I beat him. HAHA

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