Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flags and flowers

"Anytime someone puts on the uniform and bears arms in service to this country, they are a hero."

Matthew's memorial service was today. It was pretty amazing actually. Along with the procession of firetrucks and police vehicles I'm pretty sure at least half of the town of Williams, Arizona was present along with marines and others. The service was moved from a church to a middle school auditorium because of the amount of people in attendance. It looked like there were about 400 people.

My husband had never been to a funeral before but I have been to my share, so I have to admit, it was difficult trying to help him make sense of all of his emotions, emotions that I didn't share. This ceremony was closure for me. As Thomas and I talked, I assured him that Matthew would want us to be a part of this. There is a reason we journeyed as far as we did to be here. There's no doubt in my mind.

Of course we recognize the impact that Matthew has had on our lives, but I don't think Thomas realizes the impact he had on Matthew. I know for him it was an honor and privilege to have led Matthew in his walk with the Lord, a young man who already had such a passion to serve God and to do His will. Those angels in Heaven better watch out, because when Matthew gets his wings, there will be no stopping him!

So thankful we could be here this weekend. I am, even more than I already was, inspired by this young man, Matthew Broehm.

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