Thursday, November 18, 2010

Purple cards

My husband and I have never had a hard time making friends. We usually just choose to spend our time together. It suits us, we're home-bodies. When one of us needs to go to the store, the other one grumbles and reluctantly rolls out of bed because we like to be together. We have a few close friends but there are not many "adult couples" that we hang out with.

...Then there was last night. First, we tried to find somewhere that would serve us food and drinks after midnight, and that was an epic fail. On the Border lied to us. And there was a really long story about miso soup. But after all of that we found ourselves having a great time with two other couples from work. We played a hilarious game called "quelf," which I highly recommend getting if you like games like cranium, but this is better. My husband refused to participate whenever he drew a purple card (charades), which was just about every turn, but had a helmet on his head for about 2 hours.


I feel good about this new found friendship. And I'm excited to see where it leads us.

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