Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life in a brown paper bag

Today, I went on an adventure, to buy a live mouse, to feed to Gregory. Gregory is one of our girls' pet python. Don't be scared, he's actually pretty precious. But today as I purchased and carried from the pet store a tiny little mouse, in a brown paper bag who was shaking profusely, I was wanting Gregory to have a hungry tummy. This poor little thing didn't stand a chance, I just imagined him thinking "oh no, they're putting me in the bag, everyone else who's gone into one of those bags has never come back..." and then, darkness. The furious pitter patter of his paws inside the bag as he tried to escape broke my heart. I thought about opening the bag and trying to comfort it, but then I thought I might get attached, so I stopped myself. I just let him try to claw and bite it's way out of the bag for the remainder of the ride home.

When I got home, I tried to put a brave face on, because I knew that Gregory had to eat and that snakes eat mice, it's just what they do. I can't change the inevitable. One of our other girls, who has a heart of gold, snatched the brown paper bag from my hand and tried to save the little mouse's life. I attempted to get the bag back by telling her that I didn't have 20 minutes to go back out and get another mouse if she chose to let this one go, which I didn't. But I would be lying if I said I didn't secretly want her to open the door and let it escape. Eventually she handed the mouse over with sniffles and a sad face. Poor little mouse. Rest in peace.

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  1. That little mouse left memories in our hearts. :)