Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Half of my heart's got a grip on the situation

When you pour your heart out, hoping that it will go somewhere and you look and it's all just running out on the floor, it's saddening. When you wish and pray for someone with all of your soul, you try to do everything you can for this person in order to help them be successful. Try to teach them, encourage them, lift them up. Try to push them to do better, even when they don't like it. And then, when that person hears one thing from you that they don't like or understand, your feelings don't matter, wait... they've never mattered. All those wonderful conversations we've had, all the times I've done for you exactly what you've asked, when I've given you my own belongings because you needed them, it was all just pretend? You were just using me?

I know I'm supposed to let it go, move on, not let your words affect me.

But I'm a person too.

I have feelings too.

I cry too.

I would consider myself a fairly strong person. I try not to let people's opinions of me, or even just things they may say to get me aggitated, frustrate me. But there's only so much one person can take. I can pretend too, that our relationship is fine, but on the inside, you've really hurt me.

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