Friday, October 29, 2010

in picture perfect world...

I am a visual artist.

I do not create art because I can, I create art because God gave me a gift. There are times when I get critical, or I second guess some final product, but I know that the only reason I can do anything is because of Him. I may not be famous, but I'm okay with just making sure I practice the things I can do well. I want my art to stir up emotions, and memories.

Although occasionally I do, I try not to pose people, rather I like to watch, as they're living and capture precious moments for them to remember. Children are my absolute favorite to photograph. They don't care about how they look, or if their smile is crooked. They don't need to see the photo after it's taken (like most adults). They haven't reached that stage of self-indulgence yet. They are so carefree, and this makes for a fantastic photo. I am no professional, I don't even know how to use every part of my camera. I don't know anything about lighting. I don't know any key terms or phrases photographers use.... But I LOVE taking pictures. And as long as myself and others are satisfied with the final product, I will continue.

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