Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

Life is like a train journey.

The day you are born you unknowingly get on board the train, and if you are lucky, you are in first class. Hopefully your parents look after your every need. Things are good for a while. In fact, things are so good, you don't even know you are on a journey.

Then, as time goes by, you begin to realize that the journey only lasts for a short while. The idea begins to consume you, but as with most things, this passes. As the train moves on, you may find you've been moved to second, or third class seats, but the train still rumbles onward, and your view changes. Occasionally the train is stopped or derailed by loss, hardship, illness or adversity and at these times you have a deeper understanding that the journey will eventually end for you when you enter the tunnel just on the horizon. However the tunnel is only a dot. You are aware of it, but for now the view is un-obscured and the sky is blue.

The train rolls on and the other passengers occupy your attention for a while until one day you look up and there is more track behind you than in front of you and the tunnel is far closer that you realized. You feel it is a dark, scary, inevitability and it blocks out your view of the country side around you.

As you enter the tunnel, you should remember that all tunnels lead somewhere. Finally the journey ends and the train grinds to a halt but in the distance is light, tiny and faint, but a light.

Don't be afraid of the dark; be excited at the prospect of a new journey, at the possibility of travel, the enormity of the journey and the light at the end of the tunnel.

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